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Private Wealth Management

Epoch provides investment advisory services to affluent individuals, accredited investors, and clients with trust and estate related needs. In addition, Epoch offers consulting and investment management services to businesses and charitable organizations.

We work one-on-one with our clients to understand their investment needs and to recommend the most appropriate investment strategy and best mix of investments. We realize each client’s goals are unique, driven by individual and family circumstances, and by attitudes toward risk in the context of family, business, and philanthropic commitments.

Our compensation is fee-only, keeping our success tied to our clients’ success. We do not manufacture or utilize any proprietary funds. We provide full fee disclosure with respect to specific solutions. We do not receive commissions, nor do we benefit from any soft-dollar arrangements. We help you define your goals and objectives so that you can make good financial decisions.

Asset Classes and Strategies

We invest time with each client so that we know their unique goals, obligations, income, liquidity needs and risk tolerance in the context of their estate and financial planning. Diversification is key to risk management and we attempt to identify better-performing investment solutions across the global spectrum. We may use a combination of indexed and actively-managed mutual funds in creating customized portfolios, while industry and country sector solutions may involve exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

In certain situations, we may employ the outside services of an independent wealth management platform as a gateway to institutional-level investment solutions.
Client portfolios are monitored, reviewed and adjusted based upon changes in a client’s situation.


Diversification and Risk Management

Over the long term, markets have a measure of predictability; however, over the short to medium-term they can surprise investors. The security markets can and do go to extremes. Preparing portfolios with a diversified asset class mix is a key contributor to weathering these storms.

As it turns out, successful investors don’t necessarily need to know exactly how the world will unfold. Instead, they use diversification as a tool to navigate economic and market cycles. Diversification doesn’t assure profit or protection against loss in declining markets, but it can give long-term investors confidence that they won’t miss potential cycle upswings.

Epoch does not try to predict the future. We focus on implementing an investment strategy that is appropriate to your current situation and goals, and we adjust the portfolio in response to changes in your life — not in response to fear-based predictions.


Investment Management Philosophy

Epoch implements fundamental long-term themes to develop client portfolios. In addition, we proactively consider and evaluate possible asset class re-allocations within the context of changing market and economic conditions.

Managing risk is paramount while seeking strong investment returns. At the portfolio level, we manage risk through diversification, first by choice of major asset classes and thereafter by sector, industry, and individual security selection. The types of investment vehicles we typically utilize in our portfolios include no-load mutual funds (active and passive), exchanged-traded funds (ETFs), individual stocks and bonds, separate account managers, and alternative investments.


Investment Objectives

Most of our clients are in the wealth accumulation stage and are seeking advice on how to protect what they have already achieved while planning for the future. We provide access to a full range of investment solutions to meet our clients’ financial objectives. These solutions include customized portfolios that leverage the expertise of outside investment managers, defined asset allocation strategies, ongoing investment manager research, and portfolio monitoring. The types of investment profiles we manage range from “aggressive growth” to “capital preservation”.

Whatever your financial needs, Epoch can help you construct a portfolio that keeps you on track.