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Date:October 31, 2012

Diversification & Risk Management

Over the long term, markets have a measure of predictability; however, over the short to medium-term they can surprise investors. The security markets can and do go to extremes. Preparing portfolios with a diversified asset class mix is a key contributor to weathering these storms.

As it turns out, successful investors don’t necessarily need to know exactly how the world will unfold. Instead, they use diversification as a tool to navigate economic and market cycles. Diversification doesn’t assure profit or protection against loss in declining markets, but it can give long-term investors confidence that they won’t miss potential cycle upswings.

Epoch does not try to predict the future. We focus on implementing an investment strategy that is appropriate for your current situation and goals, and we adjust the portfolio in response to changes in your life — not in response to fear-based predictions.