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  • Understanding Your Plan Options
    A full array of services to assist and enhance the fiduciary oversight of employee retirement plans.
  • Planning Your Retirement
    Driven by the tools and knowledge needed to make good decisions.
  • Managing Your Private Wealth
    Custom investment strategies designed to meet your goals.
  • Diversifying and Mitigating Risk
    Proactive advice that fits your situation and goals.


Responsible, objective, and goal-driven advice.


A wealth of resources that matter to you.
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Unaligned with any broker, dealer or bank.


No commissioned financial products. No indirect compensation.

Epoch will help you make the decisions you deserve.

A compelling value proposition. A breadth of resources. A personal approach. Epoch Consulting Group offers intelligent and reasonable-risk plan consulting and wealth management with your goals in mind.

Epoch Consulting Group is an independent registered investment advisor providing pension consulting services to retirement plans and private wealth management services to corporate executives, retirees, and families.

The firm is a 100% fee-for-service investment consulting firm that specializes in partnering with employers to manage successful retirement plans. We work with individual investors to design and implement long-term wealth management strategies.
Thank you for your interest in our firm.

  • Discover

    Identify your current situation and opportunities.
  • Define

    Understand how to address your investment needs.
  • Design

    Put into place a scalable solution that meets your financial objectives.

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Retirement Plan Guidance Series – Part 1

We’ve formed a committee, but what is there to review? First, start with an agenda. The agenda is the first step in engaging in a prudent process and it is evidence that a Committee is performing its duties. While there is no agenda that fits everyone, there are items that every
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